Kyle Krch

Kyle Krch

Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur and Cornhole Nut

Kyle Krch is an entrepreneur located in Reno, Nevada. Kyles parents, both lifelong educators gave him a unique opportunity to see how the practice of education and mentorship can leave lifelong positive imprints on people’s lives. During Kyle’s senior year in high school he was awarded multiple academic scholarships however after much deliberation he decided to join the United States Army.

Kyle was a military intelligence analyst who was then recruited into the Special Operations US ARMY 75th Ranger Regiment. Soon after arriving at his unit, he was selected to attend the army’s elite leadership course, Ranger School. Kyle became one of the youngest Ranger qualified soldiers in the modern era at only 19 years of age.

After being honorably discharged in 2001 Kyle and his wife Sandra settled in Reno, Nevada. At age 25 Kyle started Krch Realty and in just a few years had closed over 1,000 real estate transactions and had grown the Reno Nevada based Krch Realty brokerage to over 80 agents.

In 2019 Kyle sold Krch Realty to Hughes Private Capital and became an owner in the Hughes Private Capital investment firm. Presently, Hughes Private Capital and the Krch family of companies boast over 250 team members and independent contractors along with over $75 million in assets under management. Hughes Private Capital and its sister brand Krch Realty are in the planning phases of a national rollout by the end of 2023.